Registering on – easily rebate a purchased item

By registering on, you can easily rebate a purchased item from the Staples store by filling up an online form. The service also provides you live support through online chat or via hot lines. Even if you prefer to use the mail in rebate services, you can download the form easily from the website and submit it to your local Staples store. There are certain products which will not be eligible for online rebate; hence you will have to fall back to mail in rebate method.

This rebate program is valid for items which have been bought from the store, computer terminal, a catalog purchase or the online store. The website allows you to track the progress of the either of the easy rebate or mail in rebate. You simply have to fill in a few particulars and your tracking number in order to track the status. An option to check the balance of your rebate card is also provided along with tips and precautions for checking the balance of your card.

Through, you can easily search for offers regarding rebates and mail in forms. You simply have to search for an offer through the product manufacturer, an SKU/UPC number, and keyword or rebate number. Many popular manufacturers like Nikon, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Motorola, Toshiba, Trend Micro; give you the option for a rebate.

Staple Ease Rebate does not offer any discount or exchange offers through their services. They just send over a check by mail or transfer money electronically to your account if your rebate request is approved. To improve the chances of getting a rebate, you should immediately file a request after your purchase.

It is easy to submit a request. First you must make sure if the item you purchased allows the online easy rebate. The packaging will have an icon indicating it. If not, then you’ll have to follow the standard mail in process. asks you clearly from where you purchased your item. Select the correct option and proceed to fill up other details about the purchase. Once you are done, you will be provided with a tracking number, which as explained, can be used for getting the status of your rebate.

You will receive the cash back in the form of a check or a Rebate Visa Prepaid Card. this card can be used as a normal debit card at any store worldwide. However, since the credit of the card is not granted, the purchases made with the card are independent of your actual account. Moreover, the money cannot be cashed and there is no PIN required while making purchases. However, you will have to validate your purchases with signatures. The card has an expiry date and in case of theft a new card can be issued free of cost.

Overall, lets you handle most rebates by sitting at your home rather than walking into a shop. Go ahead and enjoy a great as well as safe shopping experience online.