Staples Rewards Login

Getting a Staples Rewards account is such an advantage so you should really access the Staples Rewards login page. You can get discounts on all of your purchases on You will also be able to earn reward points without any restrictions nor limits. You can use those points to purchase products also, which is great. Also, you will be able to benefit from other promos such as automatic upgrade of membership and cash backs on your purchases.

How to Register and Log In on Staples

You have to sign up for an account at the Staples Rewards login page. You should also log in every time you purchase products or from time to time to be able to manage your account and get the benefits of the rewards system.

• Enrollment Process

If you do not have an account yet, you can register for an account easily. Just go to their website, and register on the site.

Click the ‘Enroll’ button to become a Staples Rewards member if you do not have a rewards card yet. Just provide your personal information and create a new username and give a password to be able to create your own account.

• Registration Process

If you have already received a Staples Rewards card from any of the shops affiliated with Staples, click the ‘Create Login’ to register your rewards card on the Staples Rewards login page. This will enable you to use your Staples Rewards card on your purchases at the Staples store.

• Login Procedure

When you already have a Staples account and have already registered your Staples Rewards card, you can now enjoy the features of the Staples Rewards login page. You just have to provide your username and your password to be able to log in on the site and enjoy the benefits that are being offered to Staples Rewards card holders.

You can also choose to let the website automatically log you in whenever you visit the site so that you can enjoy the perks of your card without fail.