Staples Rebate Easy Tracking

Many manufacturers and stores give rebates on some of their products. Staples rebate easy tracing is a way in which Staples has made getting that rebate much simpler and quicker. Usually to get a rebate on a product you have to mail in a coupon along with the bar code from that product and the receipt of purchase. This whole process takes a long time before you do receive your rebate.

With Staples rebate easy tracking this whole process is made much simpler allowing you to collect your rebate in four to six weeks instead of months. Staples easy rebate is available on selected products. In their store you must look for ‘Easy Rebate’ on the price tag, if you are shopping online you must look for the ‘ Easy Rebate icon against the product being displayed and if you are buying through their catalogue you have to look for ‘ easy rebate ‘ in the description of the product.

In order to use Staples easy rebate tracking to collect your rebates you will need to go to the Staples rebate center website and go to the appropriate page. Fill in the details, for store purchases you will need the Staples rebate redemption form and the rebate offer number as well as the Easy rebates ID number. For online purchases you will need your order number and your rebate offer number while for catalogue purchases you will need your order number as well as the rebate offer number.

With the Staples easy rebate tracking it is possible for you to check the status of your rebates once you have submitted them. You can even check the status of any mail in rebates you might have mailed to Staples. Staples also sends you e mails at your email address telling you about the status of your rebates and when the check was mailed. If you do not have a computer at home you can still access the Staples easy rebate tracking system through the computer terminals at their stores.

Staples is the only store amongst its competitors that offers an easy, hassle free system to collect your rebates. Though one thing you must remember is that Staples rebate is not a coupon system where you can get the amount taken out when you purchase. It is a rebate to give you cash back on the product after you have purchased it. With the Staples easy rebate tracking system, Staples has made it easy for you to know what is happening to your rebate and as to when you should expect the money.