Staples Rebate Center

If you are an avid customer of Staples, then you must have heard about the Staples Rebate Center. This is basically a website that Staples have set up, allowing their customers to redeem rebates online. If you want to find out how to use the website, then refer to the details below.

All about the Stapes Rebates

Staples Inc. is one of the most popular chains of office supplies stores in the United States these days. They also have branches on some countries all over the world and they continue to prosper perhaps due to the rewards that they offer to their customers.

One of these rewards is the rebates which a customer can redeem through the Staples Rebate Center. On this site, you will be able to submit rebates on products bought from any of the Staples outlet or from their online store. They come in the form of easy rebates and mail-in rebates.

Using the Staples Rebate Center

The website can be accessed at As soon as you reach the homepage, you will be asked to choose which services you would need. If you need to track your rebates, then refer to the link below that says “where is my rebate?” For those who wanted to know the balance on their Staples rebate card, they can refer to the link that says “what is my rebate card balance?” If you need to find out the latest offers on rebates, then click on the “find rebate offers now”, at the lower right hand corner of the Staples Rebate Center homepage.

Step By Step Procedure

1. Log on to the website at
2. Click the link of your preferred services and choose how you bought your products from Staples.
3. Click on the option that says “Start Now”.
4. Fill in the information needed and click on the Next page.
5. Follow the instructions in order to complete the transaction.
6. If you need more assistance in using the Staples Rebate Center, kindly refer to the FAQs section of the page.