admin :: Staples Association Connection is the official website of Staples Association Connection. Employees will be asked log in the moment they access the website. To log in, they will need to enter their employee ID and password and click on “Sign In”, which is found right below the login section.


Before you click on the “sign in” button, right after you key-in your employee ID and password, you will encounter a notice of confidentiality at the The notice states that you will be accountable for all the activities performed under your employee ID, as such, you are required to totally log off your account right after you use it. This is to prevent other users from accessing your account and hacking any of your personal information. If you agree and understand this notice of confidentiality, only then you should click on the “sign in” button in order to log in.

Forgot Your Password

Another key component that you will find on the website is the “forgot your password” link. This is where users would need to click if they are having problems logging in simply because they have forgotten what their password is or if the password they are trying to enter is coming up invalid.

For security purposes, the passwords of the employees of Staples Association Connection will expire after a certain period. So if your password has already reached its expiration date, you will also need to click on the “forgot your password” link found on the login section of All you need to do is to key-in your user ID and click on continue, and you should be able to reset your password.

Hours of Availability

There is also some other important information that you can find at the bottom part of the website and that is the hours of availability. As an employee of Staples Association Connection, it is worth knowing the time of the website’s availability so you will know when the best time to access is.

According to it, the system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week except during 1AM to 5AM Eastern Standard Time on Sundays. Also, will be inaccessible during Fridays each week from 1AM to 5AM Eastern Standard Time. For those who are still having difficulties logging in and the issue is not password related, they can contact the technical support line by dialing 888-438-4800 or they can approach any representative of their HR department.